Live Events

Turn your event into something memorable!

Jessica M. is a professional Calligrapher and engraving artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in providing tailored hand lettering, hand engraving, foil embossing, and bottle-painting floral illustrations and embellishments services for live on-site brand activations, luxury boutiques, product launches, promotional events, seasonal/holiday sales, pop-ups, weddings, quinceaneras, corporate PR and influencer events that will elevate your customer satisfaction and will establish brand loyalty, connection, and awareness.

I also have the option for In-Studio services. We can coordinate upon request to give a sufficient amount of time for production.

I can also arrange for travel to your event if necessary (traveling fees may apply).

On-Site Services


Create a one of a kind, unforgettable experience that will make your luxury boutique, in-store brand activation, VIP gifting, Promotions and Corporate events stand out. Elevate your guests experience with live calligraphy or hand lettering. Names, initials, custom quotes, can be handwritten.We can find new ideas that will thrill your guests to where they’ll want to talk about it within all their social networks. Some ideas for your event are personalized products, envelopes, name cards, and note cards.


Engraving or etching is an excellent service to offer for in-store brand activations. Customizing client messages or embellishing with floral illustrations is a highly desired service. Glass, stone, porcelain, plastic, and select metal may be hand engraved with a quiet portable micro drill. Engravings can be filled with gold, silver, white, and black finishes. The process of engraving is enchanting to watch and creates a unique and compelling experience for your clients.

Bottle Painting

Transform your fragrance bottles, candles, to name a couple, into a masterful work of art right before your client’s eyes. Using high quality acrylic paint, virtually any surface can be carefully painted. This includes glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, marble, and metal. Even the packaging can be painted.

Foil Embossing

Leather, vegan leather, and even paper can be embossed with a hot pen and thin gold or silver foil to personalize your product. Popular leather items include: watch straps, journals, belts, and handbags.